Dealing with a Brain Injury from a Car Accident

Brain injuries are among the most dangerous things that can happen in a car accident. The head could hit a solid object like the steering wheel,the dashboard,or the windshield and suffer from serious trauma. The risk of brain injury from a car accident can be minimized by wearing a seatbelt at all times. Unsafe behaviors like speeding,drunk driving,and distracted driving should be avoided.

Possible Injuries

There are different kinds of brain injuries. For example,a sharp object could make its way through the skull and into the brain like broken pieces of the windshield. It is also possible for vital structures in the organ to tear because of strong impact forces. The head can go one way while the brain is unable to catch up with the fast movements. Bruises may also develop inside. The worst one may require surgical intervention.

Signs and Symptoms

People who suffer from brain injuries following a car accident often report headache and nausea. They also find it more difficult to think or concentrate. When asked a question,their response time is much slower than it usually is. Many experience increased sensitivity to lights and sounds. Others have a lower level of alertness to stimuli. They might find it harder to walk or perform daily activities because of impaired balance and coordination. Seizures,numbness,and dilated pupils may be observed.

Seeking Treatment

Those who experience any of these symptoms after a crash should make it a priority to see a doctor and contact a accident lawyer . In fact,everyone involved in a crash should get themselves examined as a precaution. Some issues do not manifest themselves immediately. They will only be found through tests such as x-rays and MRIs. Immediate diagnosis and treatment can save countless lives.

Getting Compensation

The test results can also be used to secure damages from the at-fault party. These will prove that the injuries happened right after the crash even if symptoms manifest at a later date.

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